New Life for Old Tubs

Providing Bathroom Remodeling Services for More Than 69 Years

New Life for Old Tubs

Providing Bathroom Remodeling Services for More Than 69 Years


Make Your Bathroom Look As Good as New

Bathtubs and the undersides of your sink can become discolored over time. If you want to fix your bathroom but don't want to spend money to replace your bathroom furnishings, then you're in the right place!

At Superior Glazing, we provide tub resurfacing services throughout the West Haven, Connecticut area. Once we've finished, your bathrooms will look stunning and give off an amazing spa-like atmosphere.

Benefits of Our Glazing Process

Our thermal setting, test proven, chemical duplicate provides a hard glossy durable finish that you can easily clean.

Our finish will keep your tubs, sinks, and tiles looking just like new for years to come.

Here are other benefits of our refinishing services:

  • Outstanding high gloss and color retention
  • Cures to a hard, tough, abrasion- and chemical-resistant coating
  • Will not crack, blister, craze, or peel

Fast Services

Our services are fast and convenient. We will do our best to finish the project with minimal disturbance in your home or business establishment.

You’d Be Able To Save Money

Compared to buying new sinks, tubs, and other bathroom furnishings, hiring us would definitely be more cost-effective. We'll clean your tubs and make sure that they're shiny and as good as new.

Tile Refinishing

Our tile refinishing process meets the American National Standards Institute's specifications for porcelain.

We use this process for tiles in schools, homes, and business establishments across the state of Connecticut.

If you find that our glazing doesn't stand up to normal wear and tear in your home, then we'll give you our new tub guarantee.

Connect With Us To Schedule Our Services

If you'd like to book an appointment for tub reglazing at your property, call us at (800) 468-2284.

We'll happily give you a free quote on your refinishing project and answer any of your questions.